Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Better Options to Conventional Treatments of Arthritis

A lot of individuals who suffer from chronic arthritic inflammation are recommended by physicians with such medical treatments as Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs). But a lot of patients are also now searching for healthier options to established conventional medicinal treatments because of some safety reasons.

What is the danger with NSAID medications such as Vioxx? Vioxx had been a popular treatment for arthritis and other inflammatory pains. Yet it had been removed from the market because it causes internal bleeding with prolonged use. The medicine eats away the stomach lining and intestines which can lead to death. This was the leading cause of death of thousands of Americans in the past decades.

There are nevertheless a number of Vioxx-like NSAIDs being prescribed as of today. But as an effect of the Vioxx news, some sufferers are trying healthier options to deal with arthritis inflammation and pains.

The use of green mussel extract as an anti-inflammation medical treatment is gaining popularity because of its natural form. Thus it has no associated side effects like the NSAIDs. This natural alternative extract is safe and provides gains for the skin as well.

Green mussels are farmed strictly in licensed facilities therefore they contain no mercury. The sole contraindication for green mussel extract is seafood allergic reactions. Studies are currently conducted to establish the therapeutic profits derived from the lipid and omega-3-rich oil and powder extracted from New Zealand’s green lipped mussels. We can only hope this verifies more the popular efficacy of green mussel extract.

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