Sunday, March 22, 2009

Green Lipped Mussels as an Alternative to Fish Oils

The extract from green lipped mussels was first formulated to serve as an alternative to fish oils. Both the fish oil and the green lipped mussel extract are highly loaded in the essential fatty acid omega-3.

The green mussel extract also has been found to contain iron, betain, and chondroitin sulphate. All of these substances are generalized to cause an anti-inflammatory or other therapeutic result on the human body. The problem though is that not all green lipped mussel extracts are equivalent.

Some companies speedily realized the future for producing green lipped mussel extract in today’s aging population. This might be good to arthritis and inflammation patients because of the sudden surge in the supply of the natural anti inflammatory treatment. Not all extract products however is what they market to be.

Because green mussels are only accessible in New Zealand, there are a few recognized marine farms which can exclusively supply the product. This drives the supplements price a bit higher. Any company which claims to sell at half the price is basically commercializing a compound which contains far fewer lipids.

Part of the trouble is that the New Zealand Mussel Industry Council does not have a legitimate definition in place with regulations on the selling of these extracts. A regulation can supposedly standardize the inevitable components to call the product green lipped mussel extract. Accordingly, there are a lot of new companies out there which commercialize a nutraceutical bearing very little omega-3 or other nutrients just for the sake of profit.

Without the regulation to standardize green lipped mussel extract compounds, the buyer should definitely beware. With the choice of green mussel extract as an alternative to fish oil, it is definitely a good option as it has been proven to combat arthritis and many other ailments. Just be careful and trust with a reputable company when buying.

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