Monday, March 23, 2009

Omega-3-rich Green Lipped Mussel Extract is Good for Inflammation

Just this time, scientists found out that green lipped mussel extract is with high quantity of lipids and the essential fatty acid, omega-3. Fish oil, an excellent source of omega-3, was recognized to contain harmful levels of mercury. Since green lipped mussels are uniquely produced at accredited marine facilities, the presence of mercury was avoided, gaining the extract from green lipped mussels extremely worthy for safety reasons.

What Green lipped mussel extract is? Based from statements of NZMIC, all products labeled as green lipped mussel extract should be from Perna canaliculus. That is the scientific name for these marine animals. The Council does not, however, limit how much of the mussels’ determined nutrients must be carried in the product.

Green lipped mussels are worthy for their omega-3 and lipids. Just after harvesting, they are rapidly freeze-dried in order that the nutrients do not oxidize. After freeze drying, the lipids are extracted, making for a popular formula to cure inflammation.

There is bad news nevertheless. There are some unscrupulous companies, most of them after the profit, which buy the leftover delipidated powder and process it into a supplement which they mark as green lipped mussel extract but contains much lower amounts of omega-3 and other nutrients.

Numerous health specialists have discovered the gains of omega-3 fatty acids as a way to alleviate inflammation, especially when taken as a supplement to a low-fat diet rich in vegetables, fruit, nuts, and lean proteins. Because green lipped mussels are such a top-notch source of omega-3s, it is only reasonable that they would be good in treating arthritic inflammation. The caveat is that only deal with a reputable company to get the best quality extract for optimum levels of omega-3.

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