Friday, March 20, 2009

Only Get the Quality Natural Green Lipped Mussel Extracts

The green lipped mussel extract was first formulated as a choice to fish oils because it is loaded with essential fatty acid, omega-3. Green lipped mussel extracts are uniquely available from a limited number of New Zealand marine farms and a new research has revealed that spring is the foremost time to harvest the green shell mussels to gather the most omega-3 and lipid content. The time of harvesting is critical to guarantee the highest levels of these fatty acids and as ensuring that the product is freeze-dried promptly after removal so that the lipids do not oxidize.

Along with the mussels’ omega-3s, extract of the seafood also includes iron, betain, and chondroitin sulphate and all of these substances are found to have an anti-inflammatory or other therapeutic result on the human body. For the reason of the quantity of lipids and other nutrients discovered naturally in this marine animal, some health experts think that this extract can be a strong anti-inflammatory relieve in a non-synthetic form.

As a caveat however, not all green lipped mussel extracts are equivalent. Some companies producing and distributing green lipped mussel extract out there market a nutraceutical containing below acceptable level omega-3 and other important nutrients in their claimed natural green lipped mussel extract. Discerning buyers should carefully analyze the label on the bottle and only consider with a good company when buying green mussel extract as a health supplement.

Until there is a regulation to standardize natural green lipped mussel extract products, the buyer should definitely beware whom to buy. Do some research and select only the company which has a good reputation for providing quality products before making your purchase.

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