Monday, March 30, 2009

New Zealand-Exclusive Extract of Green Mussels is the Safe Alternative

What can extract from green mussel exclusively from New Zealand do for inflammation? Green lipped mussels are simply acquired in the New Zealand blue waters. Long accepted as a nutrient-rich, super food, they have as well been proven to hold loaded quantities of lipids, omega-3 fatty acids, and a chondroitin derivative – all of which suppress the enzymes which induce inflammation.

Green mussels are farmed strictly in licensed facilities in New Zealand. Thus, they contain no mercury, metals, or hazardous substances due to the controlled, eco-friendly environment of the marine farms.

The foremost feature of choosing extract from green mussels as an anti-inflammatory medical treatment is that there are no connected harms or side effects. This natural extract is harmless and, in addition, offers profits for your skin, nervous system, brain function, and even mood. In point of fact, marine researchers are presently showing a link between green mussel extract and the power to ward off Alzheimer’s disease.

The sole contraindication for individuals liking to use extract of green mussels is seafood allergic reactions. Anyone who has a seafood allergy and seafood products should not take green mussel extract or any of its related forms.

Research studies are currently performed to prove the preventive profits gained from the lipid and omega-3-rich oil and powder sourced from New Zealand’s green lipped mussels. Extract of green mussels is demonstrating as a great promise to be the choice to consider as a substitute to the hazardous NSAIDs for treatment of chronic inflammation. Talk with your physician about this natural remedy and consult before taking green mussel extract as an anti inflammatory.

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